Twitter vs Instagram

Instagram is a popular site used by our generation and has become a social media staple for sharing pictures as well as informative news by using images. I personally follow National Geographic on instagram, where they frequently post pictures from foreign countries sharing a picture as well as a story describing their culture. I find these to be very educational as well as entertaining and worth the follow because its a great way to learn things about the world through social media without even realizing that you are learning about a countries culture. Other news and informative sites exist as well including CNN, Where they post news stories. I think overall instagram and news is a plus. I think that the only cons to the relation of the two could be maybe that people may not take it seriously if its on a social media outlet such as instagram that revolves around images rather than just text. 

Twitter is another very popular site that people use, that is similar to instagram rather that it involves text under 140 characters. I think this also is very important and is a great way to share news with people who are constantly on social media rather than reading the newspaper or watching the news on television. I think this is a huge pro, to incorporate news with social media. However to see news on your twitter, you usually need to be following the news accounts and if you are not following them, you wouldn’t view the news, which would be a con to this incorporation of the two, similarly to instagram. 



In the Ukraine, protests have begun concerning their presidents decision to turn down a deal that would result in cooperated trade as well as other aspects between the Ukraine and Europe that would better the country. Instead, the Ukraine made a deal with Russia which many people didn’t want, leading to protests all over the country as well as the overthrowing of their president,Yanukovych, who made these defining decisions. In this situation the Ukrainian people are fighting for more freedom and better decisions for their country. Social media and media coverage definitely play a role in this. In the article “Ukraine Protests: What You Need to Know” shares that the term “Euromaiden” has been trending as the name for Ukraine Protesters. Pictures also are doing a great job of gaining more interest in the uprising. Pictures of police vs protesters show how forceful each side is becoming.

Another big uprising is the Arab uprising in Tunisia. This uprising (2011) involved economic issues that had the president, Ben Ali resign due to its hardships. The article shares information saying that After the government asked a young man to stop selling vegetables on the street, he lit himself on fire. This was symbolic and showed how economic issues were effecting people so much that they wanted no part anymore. The government took a toll on a lot of people due to its restrictions and also many deaths during protests. People fought for economic freedom. Media coverage definitely played a big role in this uprising. Without the use of pictures to document what was going on, the rest of the country may not have known how important and violent it was. Photos are a great visual to show the world what is going on, without the use of text. Now, Tunisia has selected a new prime minister and their economic systems are being worked on, and are much more constructed than it previously was. 

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Stem Subjects

Stem Subjects stands for the study of subjects such as Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. This includes subjects within these fields such as chemistry, computer specialists, and criminal justice. Stem Subjects are typically the core subjects that people choose to major in. It covers a large range of majors, and occupations. However, Stem subjects do not make much money compared to other jobs because they’re non specific and broad. I don’t think that it makes sense for Stem subjects to have a lower occupational income, because they require important skills that are learned. Computer and technology related jobs however are becoming much more important in modern day because the world now relies on new technology. This is the one stem subject that is booming and becoming more popular and has a higher income. 

This chart I found from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, shows how popular Stem subjects have become compared to each other. It shows how Computer technology related subjects are becoming more popular (more employment) among other occupations. This isn’t surprising to me, because we now live in a world surrounded by new technology which requires employment and knowledge of this subject.

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My Major

I have had a very hard time choosing a major in my past year and a half at UAlbany. I’ve explored many classes and topics that i enjoyed learning, but also didn’t like certain aspects of each one. I finally decided on Business last semester, because it is so broad. My father works in business and is very successful and i would love to be just like him! I enjoy learning about it, because its so broad and open. I love that from this major you could end up doing things such as a business executive or owning your own restaurant! i love that this major contains enough information to do so many things!

Computers are such a huge aspect of everything now. I use my computer for every class as well as so many other things. I use my computer in my free time even which goes to show how evident technology is in our lives. I have no doubt computers are used in my major! They have always been used since they were invented! My father uses computers for accounting, making blue prints, and creating business plans and more! Computers are used for everything and will always be a part of a company i believe! Computers play a huge role because they contain databases/special technology that makes things easier and more organized.

Civic Duty

America, the land of the free, is obviously known for its freedom which inspires people and draws them to this country. Citizenship is a legality, once you are a citizen in America you are granted rights and are expected for follow through on civic duties. I believe that there is more to being a citizen of America than it just being a legality. I think the majority of the population of America, are proud of this country filled with opportunity, and want to do as much as they can as a citizen to contribute to this country. I think everyone, wants to do their part as a citizen, and i think that everyone should feel this way, because we are lucky to be where we are at compared to many different countries! We may not be the greatest country in the world (referencing to the clip we watched in class) but we should always strive to be and that simply could not happen if civic duties didn’t exist along with people’s citizenship.

I believe there is such thing as a civic duty. These are the responsibilities and duties of citizens to contribute to their country. This includes tasks such as voting, participating in a jury, and following laws under the government! These things have to exist for a better government and better overall country. Having civic duties is necessary. I don’t think that America would be at where it is now, without civic duties from its Citizens. 

Edward Snowden

Edward Joseph Snowden is a computer scientists formerly from the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and the National Security Agency (NSA) He is known for leaking important information from NSA. He revealed the governments plans for global surveillance with methods including different programs and basically listening in on telephone calls of the US and Europe. He traveled, revealing proof of this information which led him to the airport in Moscow, where his passport was revoked and he was kept there for one-year temporary asylum. Many People believe that Snowden is a hero due to un raveling this important and controversial information. I personally think that Snowden is a hero for revealing this information. Im not necessarily against what the united states government is doing. I see that it is an invasion of privacy, but if its going to keep the country more safe and protected against things that could potentially hurt us, i don’t mind it. I think he’s more of a “hero” because he’s letting the people know that this was the plan of the government. I could easily see the view of probably most Americans being against the government in theses methods of security, because it is an invasion of privacy. I would rather know that these are the methods that the government is using, rather than not know of it at all. Im glad that Snowden shared the information with the world, However I’m not totally against this security if it was created to protect us from potentially harmful events.