I believe that posting pictures online, does make it easier for somebody to find out who you are and other personal information that can be linked to the picture. I think people should be aware that if they are posting something online, that it is for everyone to see. Even if privacy settings are on high, all it takes is for one person to save a photo and share it with the rest of the world therefore people or strangers are viewing and possibly researching you’re identity based on the photo. Facebook is a website where there is a share button, where you are able to share other peoples photos or other Facebook categories with your own friends. This allows virtually anyone to see what you have posted and can literally be out of your hands without you even knowing it. 

Google glass, which is wearable surveillance that sort of turns the governments survaillance on people, on them. it is made for you to wear a camera often like a necklace and go on during the day watching other people rather than having hidden cameras. I think Sousveillance can have many different views towards it and can be made controversial in some peoples opinions. I think this will definitely increase crowd sourcing. Surveillance is already a talked about topic which has many different views that vary, and i think the addition of sousveillance to the surveillance debate will trigger more opinions and thoughts on privacy. 


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