Online Security

Website security isn’t sophisticated compared to other technologies of this century. One would assume that websites are secure and trusted when ordering or using your credit card and for entering in other personal information. However the government had kept a secret hidden from the world, that consisted of bad security that hasn’t been worked on or improved. two thirds of all web sites are not protected. This being said i think people and organizations both definitely deserve to know if a website or any digital device isn’t secure. Targets data breach was notorious and created uncertainty and distrust with their customers. I personally know people who will not shop at target anymore because of it. Everyone should know whether security isn’t totally secure so that people can be more aware and protected against identity theft and everything else that can come out of it. 

When private information is accessed, we don’t know. I personally had my credit card information stolen somehow, most likely an un-secure website, and i wasn’t aware how or when it happened. I only found out after seeing my bank statement afterward when it was too late and i had to order a new credit card number. This happens to many people and it needs to be stopped! 

I am absolutely more careful about shopping online. After what had happened with someone stealing my credit card information, I learned how easy it is for someone somehow to get access to information due to un-secure websites that i didn’t know about. After reading these articles my carefulness is definitely confirmed and i will continue being safe when entering in personal information like that ever again! In my BITM class here at UAlbany, we learned that if the website comes up highlighted in green, the website is secure, however you can only see that on a pc. Learning that made me feel a little bit better, so maybe if more sites could become clean and secure like those and if people could easily identify them as safe from the green highlighted URL even on macs, i would maybe shop online more and i think other people would definitely feel the same way!


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