Illegal Downloading

Illegal downloading is not a victimless crime. Everyone does it, however that doesn’t make it right or legal. Downloading content such as music or movies is stealing without consent due to the copyright. Its illegal to not watch these items in the way that music and movie creators intended, which generates profit. The people associated with making money off of consumers purchasing their product still make money, but rely on the people who actually purchase the music. It seems fair to consumers but not to the people producing the material. 

According to The, downloading content isn’t the same as stealing. This website compares illegally downloading content online to stealing someones wallet. 69% of people were saying it isn’t stealing. while 31% say it is stealing. I agree that it isn’t stealing. If the music or movie is already downloadable online, its already there for us to see and use. I think the person who originally illegally downloaded or pirated the content and made it available to others is the only person who should be responsible or blamed for illegal activity. 

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