MOOCs and Sebastian Thrun

Based on my experience with Codeacademy, I would definitely say MOOCs work! MOOC stands for a massive open online course. On Codeacademy, i was able to learn simple coding techniques that are commonly used in programing and coding on the web. It gave very easy to understand instructions and made coding interesting and fun to learn. I definitely think MOOCs work and are effective based on my experience. 

Sebastian Thrun was a Stanford graduate who developed Udacity. Udacity is known for teaching technology to people in an effective and simple way. Sebastian Thrun developed this as a MOOC, which he believed in,which was intended to target a large range of people and educate them in an easy way. However recently  Thrun has said that it has failed to educate undergraduates. “But the data was at odds with this idea.” says Thrun about educating such a large range of people. He recently said that improvements need to be made and mistakes were made and joked that he had the secret formula to make it work in the future. 


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