Private Information

Private information is very important to all people. There are aspects of our lives that we like to keep private and other aspects that we like to have public. Things that i consider private information would be information revolving around money or relationships, which often happen to be top priorities in peoples lives. I know many people who keep these aspects private and i have also seen many people who are open about these topics on Social media such as Facebook and instagram. I am a firm believer in keeping these things private because when things are public i find that these things are more at “risk.” 

I think if someone publishes photos or statuses or comments on social media, the government is just like everyone else who views that stuff. I don’t think there is a problem at all with corporations or the government reviewing that material because the person posted it for the world to read in the first place. If someone wants to make something public, they are choosing to let the world view whatever it is on social media. I think if someone posts something private on social media they are to blame if the private content goes viral or the government or corporations see it. Once its on social media, its for the public. If someone wants to keep information private they should absolutely not post it on social media, unless they are okay with the world seeing it. 


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