Twitter vs Instagram

Instagram is a popular site used by our generation and has become a social media staple for sharing pictures as well as informative news by using images. I personally follow National Geographic on instagram, where they frequently post pictures from foreign countries sharing a picture as well as a story describing their culture. I find these to be very educational as well as entertaining and worth the follow because its a great way to learn things about the world through social media without even realizing that you are learning about a countries culture. Other news and informative sites exist as well including CNN, Where they post news stories. I think overall instagram and news is a plus. I think that the only cons to the relation of the two could be maybe that people may not take it seriously if its on a social media outlet such as instagram that revolves around images rather than just text. 

Twitter is another very popular site that people use, that is similar to instagram rather that it involves text under 140 characters. I think this also is very important and is a great way to share news with people who are constantly on social media rather than reading the newspaper or watching the news on television. I think this is a huge pro, to incorporate news with social media. However to see news on your twitter, you usually need to be following the news accounts and if you are not following them, you wouldn’t view the news, which would be a con to this incorporation of the two, similarly to instagram. 


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