Aaron Swartz

Aaron Swartz, an internet genius and activist ended up on “the wrong side of the law” resulting in an arrest for computer fraud that consisted of stealing and downloading illegal files. This took a strain on Swartz, who had been dealing with depression and lead to him hanging himself in his apartment. His family and partner saw no reasons for it, other than stress from the arrest and accusations of things that were described as harmless because nobody was effected by it. 

Aaron was an activist for freedom on the internet, and this shows that there are limitations. Swartz didn’t intend on creating a mess of the downloading and stealing of files from MIT that he and many other believed was harmless. This case tells us that like what was said before, there are limitations on the internet and two, that the government is watching what is being done online, which contributes to limitations on freedom. 

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Private Information

Private information is very important to all people. There are aspects of our lives that we like to keep private and other aspects that we like to have public. Things that i consider private information would be information revolving around money or relationships, which often happen to be top priorities in peoples lives. I know many people who keep these aspects private and i have also seen many people who are open about these topics on Social media such as Facebook and instagram. I am a firm believer in keeping these things private because when things are public i find that these things are more at “risk.” 

I think if someone publishes photos or statuses or comments on social media, the government is just like everyone else who views that stuff. I don’t think there is a problem at all with corporations or the government reviewing that material because the person posted it for the world to read in the first place. If someone wants to make something public, they are choosing to let the world view whatever it is on social media. I think if someone posts something private on social media they are to blame if the private content goes viral or the government or corporations see it. Once its on social media, its for the public. If someone wants to keep information private they should absolutely not post it on social media, unless they are okay with the world seeing it. 

Twitter vs Instagram

Instagram is a popular site used by our generation and has become a social media staple for sharing pictures as well as informative news by using images. I personally follow National Geographic on instagram, where they frequently post pictures from foreign countries sharing a picture as well as a story describing their culture. I find these to be very educational as well as entertaining and worth the follow because its a great way to learn things about the world through social media without even realizing that you are learning about a countries culture. Other news and informative sites exist as well including CNN, Where they post news stories. I think overall instagram and news is a plus. I think that the only cons to the relation of the two could be maybe that people may not take it seriously if its on a social media outlet such as instagram that revolves around images rather than just text. 

Twitter is another very popular site that people use, that is similar to instagram rather that it involves text under 140 characters. I think this also is very important and is a great way to share news with people who are constantly on social media rather than reading the newspaper or watching the news on television. I think this is a huge pro, to incorporate news with social media. However to see news on your twitter, you usually need to be following the news accounts and if you are not following them, you wouldn’t view the news, which would be a con to this incorporation of the two, similarly to instagram.