In the Ukraine, protests have begun concerning their presidents decision to turn down a deal that would result in cooperated trade as well as other aspects between the Ukraine and Europe that would better the country. Instead, the Ukraine made a deal with Russia which many people didn’t want, leading to protests all over the country as well as the overthrowing of their president,Yanukovych, who made these defining decisions. In this situation the Ukrainian people are fighting for more freedom and better decisions for their country. Social media and media coverage definitely play a role in this. In the article “Ukraine Protests: What You Need to Know” shares that the term “Euromaiden” has been trending as the name for Ukraine Protesters. Pictures also are doing a great job of gaining more interest in the uprising. Pictures of police vs protesters show how forceful each side is becoming.

Another big uprising is the Arab uprising in Tunisia. This uprising (2011) involved economic issues that had the president, Ben Ali resign due to its hardships. The article shares information saying that After the government asked a young man to stop selling vegetables on the street, he lit himself on fire. This was symbolic and showed how economic issues were effecting people so much that they wanted no part anymore. The government took a toll on a lot of people due to its restrictions and also many deaths during protests. People fought for economic freedom. Media coverage definitely played a big role in this uprising. Without the use of pictures to document what was going on, the rest of the country may not have known how important and violent it was. Photos are a great visual to show the world what is going on, without the use of text. Now, Tunisia has selected a new prime minister and their economic systems are being worked on, and are much more constructed than it previously was. 

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(Tunisia Uprising) Arab uprising: Country by country- tunisia. (2013, december 16). Retrieved from http://www.bbc.com/news/world-12482315


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