Stem Subjects

Stem Subjects stands for the study of subjects such as Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. This includes subjects within these fields such as chemistry, computer specialists, and criminal justice. Stem Subjects are typically the core subjects that people choose to major in. It covers a large range of majors, and occupations. However, Stem subjects do not make much money compared to other jobs because they’re non specific and broad. I don’t think that it makes sense for Stem subjects to have a lower occupational income, because they require important skills that are learned. Computer and technology related jobs however are becoming much more important in modern day because the world now relies on new technology. This is the one stem subject that is booming and becoming more popular and has a higher income. 

This chart I found from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, shows how popular Stem subjects have become compared to each other. It shows how Computer technology related subjects are becoming more popular (more employment) among other occupations. This isn’t surprising to me, because we now live in a world surrounded by new technology which requires employment and knowledge of this subject.

Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, The Editor’s Desk, STEM occupations and job growth on the Internet at  (February 20, 2014).


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