My Major

I have had a very hard time choosing a major in my past year and a half at UAlbany. I’ve explored many classes and topics that i enjoyed learning, but also didn’t like certain aspects of each one. I finally decided on Business last semester, because it is so broad. My father works in business and is very successful and i would love to be just like him! I enjoy learning about it, because its so broad and open. I love that from this major you could end up doing things such as a business executive or owning your own restaurant! i love that this major contains enough information to do so many things!

Computers are such a huge aspect of everything now. I use my computer for every class as well as so many other things. I use my computer in my free time even which goes to show how evident technology is in our lives. I have no doubt computers are used in my major! They have always been used since they were invented! My father uses computers for accounting, making blue prints, and creating business plans and more! Computers are used for everything and will always be a part of a company i believe! Computers play a huge role because they contain databases/special technology that makes things easier and more organized.


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