Civic Duty

America, the land of the free, is obviously known for its freedom which inspires people and draws them to this country. Citizenship is a legality, once you are a citizen in America you are granted rights and are expected for follow through on civic duties. I believe that there is more to being a citizen of America than it just being a legality. I think the majority of the population of America, are proud of this country filled with opportunity, and want to do as much as they can as a citizen to contribute to this country. I think everyone, wants to do their part as a citizen, and i think that everyone should feel this way, because we are lucky to be where we are at compared to many different countries! We may not be the greatest country in the world (referencing to the clip we watched in class) but we should always strive to be and that simply could not happen if civic duties didn’t exist along with people’s citizenship.

I believe there is such thing as a civic duty. These are the responsibilities and duties of citizens to contribute to their country. This includes tasks such as voting, participating in a jury, and following laws under the government! These things have to exist for a better government and better overall country. Having civic duties is necessary. I don’t think that America would be at where it is now, without civic duties from its Citizens. 


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