Edward Snowden

Edward Joseph Snowden is a computer scientists formerly from the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and the National Security Agency (NSA) He is known for leaking important information from NSA. He revealed the governments plans for global surveillance with methods including different programs and basically listening in on telephone calls of the US and Europe. He traveled, revealing proof of this information which led him to the airport in Moscow, where his passport was revoked and he was kept there for one-year temporary asylum. Many People believe that Snowden is a hero due to un raveling this important and controversial information. I personally think that Snowden is a hero for revealing this information. Im not necessarily against what the united states government is doing. I see that it is an invasion of privacy, but if its going to keep the country more safe and protected against things that could potentially hurt us, i don’t mind it. I think he’s more of a “hero” because he’s letting the people know that this was the plan of the government. I could easily see the view of probably most Americans being against the government in theses methods of security, because it is an invasion of privacy. I would rather know that these are the methods that the government is using, rather than not know of it at all. Im glad that Snowden shared the information with the world, However I’m not totally against this security if it was created to protect us from potentially harmful events.


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